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Why do my hair come out? How To Prevent Hair Loss On The Track

Most nights experience the wealth of hair at some point in their life (a recent study has revealed that it is 60%), but unlike men’s hair loss, there is very little discussion about women’s hair loss. Is done Even hair loss products like shampoo and supplements, as well as hair loss clinics, are all geared towards men whose most marketing material is displayed before and after photoshoots of male models. That is why we want to lift the hair lift lifts that women get out or thin in the women; The reasons why these products happen are said to be that they support, support and encourage re-aid. But most importantly, we just want to start talking about why hair loss is not just a man’s problem.

The most common reasons…

Hormone imbalance

Hormone imbalance

The most common hair follicles after pregnancy or breastfeeding are due to hormones, which play a major role in regulating the hair growth cycle. When you are pregnant, your estrogen levels go up, which can lengthen the hair growth stage, which means that the hair becomes thinner, and your hair looks thicker and healthier. However, after you give birth or breastfeed, your hormones then return to normal stones and hair that should go out, but your head stays long, falling on anything that can feel a worrying step. Is. It is important to remember that it is completely natural, and there is no need to worry, and all you can do is support your body through this change.

As a mother of two sons, I experienced the unbiased application of postpartum hair. I found that every time I tied or combed my hair, it fell to the level of the gum, but when I talked to my hair, he assured me that it was just a process I had to get out of. Lying. He also reminded me that, of course, my hair would fall into these two moments as if my hair is tied and not damaged, they cannot fall out. So as soon as I get rid of her hair tie, I always pay attention to the extra hair loss.

Although this is a cycle in which many women go through many months, there are many. There are things you can do to support your hair and scalp through this process. Appetit’s Invasive Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Revitalizer help moisturize and moisturize your scalp so that when hair tries and grows back, it can easily find its way through hair follicles and strengthen. It can come back and look healthy.

Hair loss that is induced by stress


Although many of the stresses we all experience are controlled by the mind, the impact on our body and physical health is evident in many ways. Hair loss due to stress is not as low as you think. Due to the cycle of hair growth, hair loss cannot happen immediately, and research has shown that our mental health will affect our hair approximately 6-12 weeks after the onset of mental trauma or stress.

In November 2013, Margaret lost a loved one in a tragic situation. About four to six weeks later, her hair began to fall at an alarming rate. “Naturally, it made me very sad, and I immediately went into a panic situation, bought a ‘miracle’ cure, tried a crazy diet, even clogged my hair with coconut oil. (Which is cooled to room temperature) and closes at night in the film clinging to it. Everything is useless. “Margaret tried the Norcreen again, but when she did not see the slightest result, she deleted it. However, he later found out that a friend who also had to deal with Wall Money had tried Noor Karin and found out that it worked out well.

The difference was that Margaret’s friend was supposed to understand the product, which is due to the hair growth cycle, which takes a while. “In six months, my hair has improved a lot. My hairdresser is the first to comment she had never seen it in such a good condition. Even my old rains. And I get fat that I don’t need to use mascara anymore.

“But what is Norcarin, and how does it work? Norkin is a natural supplement that works on the normal hair growth cycle to help normalize and maintain the hair follicles’ life and overall function. I talked to the CEO, who. I was convinced that there were no bad side effects because the ingredients came from natural food sources – they couldn’t tell which one they were because it was the secret of a company because of its effectiveness, and they did not want to have competition. Gonna get it.

Although hair loss is not a fatal condition, it must be ‘life-changing.’ Therefore, although stress management is so important to curb its symptoms, finding a good supplement that can help your hair restore its former glory is important to invest time and money into.

Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency

Mineral and Vitamin

Both B12 or iron deficiency can have a big impact on your hair. When it comes to iron, it is a very important part in producing strong and healthy hair because it is a mineral that is very important in producing hair cell proteins. If you are experiencing hair loss, you may need to check your thyroid or anemia, if both can be ruled out, if it is found in iron required for eating. It can be a simple diet regimen. Iron-rich foods come in the form of green vegetables (like spinach and Cavallo Nero), sticks and beans such as beans and lentils.

B12 deficiency can also affect hair. In fact, the symptoms of iron deficiency and B12 deficiency are very similar – the main indicator of fatigue and lack of energy left is that you are not getting enough B12.

Eli Ling, the nutritionist, commented that “Vitamin B is responsible for making sure that they work properly with body cells. When they convert food into congenital, new blood cells, which form scalp and spleen, the hair follicles carry oxygen and nutrients and retain the cells. Healthy cells around the body, including skin and hair. There are eight B-vitamins, but Biotin, Niacin, and B12 are linked to maintaining healthy hair. However, many people do not lack biotin and niacin (or B-vitamins in general) as they are available in many different foods. Except for B12, which is only available in animal products and may be more likely to be a vegetarian. “

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