Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis (RingWorm) Symptoms, Treatment Guide 2020

Tinea corporis is a fungal infection caused by a tiny virus, aka dermatophyte. It appears in the different parts of the body Tinea corporis is small redworms, mostly shaped in round red scaly patches.

Mainly the redworms are started from the arms and legs, and after some time, it appears on the beard area and scalp. It caused by a fungus, but it’s not dangerous. Tinea versicolour tends to present because of heat and sweat.

Tinea corporis


It can spread by touching the person with tinea corporis. This disease is common in humans and animals. It can affect by using the hairbrush of a person with this disease.

If you are fond of gardening and you spend your time there so it might be possible that you can affect by this disease.

It can also cause by the soil. It can transfer from person to person and animals to person. The infection of fungus can also spread by touching the object with that fungus.

It is affected by wearing tight clothes. The leading cause is that you have a weak immune system.

causes to tenea corporis


Fungus infection appears in 20% of humans. It is not so severe, but it is dangerous for children.

A person with this disease can understand the person with the same condition. A person with that disease doesn’t feel comfortable.

  • It mostly appears after 4 to 10 days after contact with the fungus
  • The rashes are itchy
  • Hair loss at the infected area
  • Sometimes the redworms perform due to the dry skin

Symptoms of tinea corporis


O.T.C stands for Over-the-counter. O.T.C is the type of ringworm. Antifungal medicines use to treat the infection. Usually, the Doctor prescribes the creams, balm and sometimes also powder. These directly apply to the infected area. These medications include O.T.C products, like:

  • Clotrimazol (Lotrimin AF)
  • Miconazole (medication)
  • Terbinafine (Lamisil)
  • Tolnaftate (Tinactin)

These products use to treat the infection. Your doc will advise you, which is best above them. If the ringworm is spreading widely, then the doc prescribes the medicine that takes by mouth.


  • If you have any skin issues, then consult with the best dermatologist.
  • A KOH test can diagnose it. It can be cured by using antifungal creams to prevent the infection. A doctor prescribes antifungal bar and antifungal shampoo.
  • Wash and then dry the area with a towel (use the separate sheet)
  • Apply the cream at the affected area
  • Change the clothes regularly
  • Showering twice a day
  • Wear fabrics like cotton
  • If you use the steroid cream, it will give you relief from symptoms but make inside the infection worse.
  • Don’t stop your medicines
  • Take a proper antifungal treatment to prevent it

Can we avoid the ringworms?

Yes, we can prevent the ringworms after implementing the few tips that are the following:

  • Wash your body and dry it
  • Use clean towels and clothes
  • Avoid sharing the towel
  • Avoid wearing the right clothes
  • Change the clothes daily
  • Wash your hands after doing any other activity like (after playing with
  • dogs and the other games)
  • Don’t wear warm clothes
  • Keep the groin area dry

prevent the ringworms

Aware yourself and others

Tell the others the symptoms of ringworms. Aware of them that it is affected by people and pets to people.

And it is also essential to aware of your children of this infection and follows the instructions or tips. If your family member or a friend has this infection, advise them to consult with a dermatologist.

Keep yourself dry and clean

Keep yourself clean and dry. Keep a clean environment. Take a shower right away after playing a match or come back from the gym. Clean the inner thighs completely.

Avoid playing with animals

Avoid playing with infected animals. It can cause more problems. If you doubt that your pet has an infection, then seek him to vet. Stay away from them because this infection can harm you too.

Don’t share the personal things

Don’t use the stuff of others like hairbrush, towels, clothing etc. and don’t share your items such as that.

During periods

Use tampon instead of the pad during periods. Change your underwear daily, if possible, then twice a day. Wear clean and dry underwear. Change the tampon or pad (whatever you use) after 6 hours.

Dry clothes

The fungus causing tinea infection on slightly wet cloths. Dry your clothes in the sun. Don’t use the dryer to dry clothes.

Risk factors

  • Live in a warm environment
  • Close to object ringworms infect that
  • Sharing a towel
  • Sleep with the person affected by ringworms
  • Wearing tight clothes and restrictive by doctors
  • Sweat heavily
  • Wear tight underwear
  • Can have another skin disease
  • Inflamed skin

Risk of tinea

Pathological process of dermatophyte

The pathological process of dermatophyte is an infection that involves the critical connection between the environment, host, and the agent.

The factors which liable to such a virus are the beneath diseases like diabetes, Mellitus, older age, which produce widely, severe, and bulkier dermatophyte. It spread from different parts of the body, like the most sweating area.

Home remedies for dermatophyte(ringworm)

  1. Try to keep yourself dry and clean
  2. Too much dryness can cause the infection
  3. Use oil, if the area of ringworm or body is dry

1: Try to keep yourself dry and clean

Keep the area dry and clean. The disease can increase if the area of ringworm is not dry.

2: Too much dryness can cause the infection

If your body is too much dry and you wear tight clothes so it can be a cause of disease.

3: Use oil if the area of ringworm or body is dry

Use lubricant if your body is too bare. You can use mustard oil and any type of fat that is available.



This article is related to the skin allergy that is called tinea corporis, usually known as ringworm. It is a fungal infection that affects the skin, nails, and head. If you wear tight clothes, then it can be possible to increase the disease. Keep your clothes and body dry. Don’t share your things with others.

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