Can Yoga Help in Autism Treatment?

Can Yoga Help in Autism Treatment? Yoga is a combined group of mental, spiritual and physical practices and disciplines that has multiple health benefits. Yoga is advised for various diseases along with the treatment. Yoga is the most common spiritual and physical treatment used in old times and is said to be the system of cure without modern medicines. Yoga can cure many severe health problems and chronic diseases if practiced regularly. Yoga helps to cure Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, migraine, Lower back pain, Arthritis, Liver problems, depression, and polycystic ovaries. Yoga is an alternative natural cure for people who don’t like to take medicines. Some of the major health benefits that yoga includes are;

  • increases your blood flow
  • regulates your adrenal glands
  • helps you focus
  • improves your balance
  • boosts your immune system functionality and
  • relaxes your system
  • Makes you happier
  • Maintains your nervous system
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Gives you inner strength

How Can Yoga Help in Autism Treatment?

Yoga is growing as a popular therapy for children with special needs and autism and helps them in their treatment. Improved strength and flexibility are the typically associated benefits of yoga and in addition to them peace- autistic children can also experience a reduction of pain, aggression, anxiety, self-stimulatory activities, and obsessive behaviors. Autistic individuals are seen as having greater success in regulating emotions and making new friends. Yoga therapy has developed as a supplemental support and intervention for people with Autism. Some studies suggest that yoga can be of significant benefit to Autistic children and adults.

Benefits of Yoga for Children with Autism:

1- Increased social communication skills:

Some studies indicate that Yoga helps to increase cognitive skills, imitation and social communicative behaviors in people with Autism. In addition, autistic children also exhibited sitting tolerance, increased eye contact skills, receptive communication skills and non-verbal communication.

2- Expression of emotions:

Breathing strategies and exercises can be taught to autistic children in order to release uncomfortable or difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger, frustration in a more constructive and acceptable manner as these children often express their emotions in an unexpected and inappropriate way.

3- Reduced Anxiety:

Most of the people and kids with Autism experience heightened levels of anxiety. This can significantly their mood, sleep, health, and behavior. Specific breathing exercises can be taught to support in reducing anxiety and soothes their nervous system.


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4- Increased self- awareness: 

Yoga helps kids with autism to learn self- regulation. It helps children to become aware of their body and emotions. Children can develop a greater sense of body awareness with Yoga exercises. Directional concepts such as left and right and up and down are helpful concepts for self-awareness.  Ask Italian Customer Experience Survey

5- Increased self-esteem:

Kids with Autism have poor coordination and this leads to low self-esteem as they are not able to move or behave like other children and not excelling in other activities and academically. Yoga teaches self-control and self-calming techniques so that the kids can refine their social skills and grow confidence in interacting with other children. Playing together with partners in a Yoga class can also increase confidence.


This article is very helpful regarding yoga as a cure for autism. Autism is a very growing and severe problem these days. In this article you have learned how Can Yoga Help in Autism Treatment?


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