Can Autism Cause Death?

Can Autism Cause Death? Yes, autism can Cause death. A study in Sweden revealed that people suffering from autism died in average 16 years than those who didn’t have this problem. The study also revealed that leading causes of death in people with autism were heart disease, suicide, and epilepsy. It is also revealed that the risk of death rate is about 2.5 times higher as compared to the remaining population. The people suffering from autism or any disability manually drop to 40.

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Three Main Causes of Early Death in Autism

1- Suicide:

Unfortunately, people who have a learning problem, attempt suicide because they feel that there is nothing for them in life. According to a study we need to stimulate further research in this long-neglected term. Proper steps should be taken to identify suicide risks and take precautionary measures. For the patients with ASD having learning disabilities, there should be Clinical Guidelines for suicidal patients which must be followed.

2- Heart Disease:

The patients with autism also have a high risk of Heart Diseases like Cancer. Already there is a strong relationship between epilepsy and Heart disease but until now no research has confirmed the same relation applies to ASD. Autistic people have a high level of depression as compared to others. Depression is the key factor for heart attack.

3- Epilepsy:

To answer “Can Autism Cause Death?, Epilepsy is another major cause of the autism people death. The Epilepsy society started a campaign which is called “Avoidable Deaths” and situate a major national clinical audit. It help about 39 % of deaths cause of epilepsy could be avoided.



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