5 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain in No Time

5 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain in No Time: All of us sit while doing office work, driving a car, having a meal, and having a party with the near and dear ones. Nowadays, the lower back pain seems to be something which has become a challenge and problem for all of us irrespective of age. But this is no longer the issue for us. You can easily relieve the lower back pain with the help of some of the effective and easy exercises. According to the recent survey conducted in the USA, it was observed that lower back pain has been the problem for the millions of American that is followed by the sedentary life structure. Every problem has its solution lies in the medicines or treatment prescribed by the Doctors. In an attempt to appease the lower back pain numerous and multiple treatments is available which ranges from the simple medications to the operation and surgery which may cost you a lot. But this is not the best option to go for. What appears to be the long-term solution to this health-related problem which makes a person face worrisome low back pain is the daily exercises that would strengthen back. You can do many easy to do exercise that would allow you to ease back pain and enable you to enhance the body’s capacity to bear workload once you grow older.

This blog aims to offer you useful information about the best body exercises that would allow you to become a healthy and effective performer in times to come and eliminating lower back pain slowly and gradually with ease.

1- A figure-four pose

This is the exercise where you have to put your body on the ground along with the bending of your knees and the gap between your feet and hips needs to be equal. You have to then bend your leg (left) by lifting the right feet. Afterward, you have to get your left hips close to your body. While the head and shoulders of yours should be placed on the floor. You have to do this for consecutive 30 seconds for each leg.

2- Lunges

This exercise requires you to make the movement of your right leg forwards by placing your hands on the floor. You have to ensure that your right hand is placed in the left side of your leg. Afterward, you need to take the step along with your right foot. It is to make sure that step taken must be wide similar to the position of your right hand. Afterward, without changing the position of the hand, you have to lean your hips forward in an attempt to stretch the forwards part of the hips.

3- A cow’s head pose

For this particular exercise, you have to sit on your buttock followed by the bending of knees. Then, move the right feet behind the knee that of left and placed it on the ground towards the left side of the pelvis. You need to ensure that the knees are put in the position above each other. Afterward, you need to lift yourself along with the help of your hands in an attempt to stand in a straight position and moving downward by dividing the weight of your body equally. It is one of the most recommended exercises among 5 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain in No Time.

4- Leg spread

In an attempt to do this exercise, you have to stand in the position where your legs have to be wide open along with the pointing the toes outwards. You need to put your backside of the body in straight positions together with the abs flexible and the shoulders downward. Afterward, you are required to release your breath out and then move your body slowly and gradually towards down as if you are likely to put your body on the chair. After that, you have to move the knees of yours towards the side. You have to do this exercise for the next 30 seconds by adopting the same posture a couple of times.

5- Bending

This has to be the best exercise for you to eliminate or release the lower back pain of your body. You have to put your foot shoulders width apart in a way that ensures that the toes are pointed in the forward direction. Afterward, you are supposed to slowly and gradually release your oxygen followed by the bending down while keeping the back side of your body in the straight position and the knees tend to be slightly bent.

So, these are the 5 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain in No Time. these are easy to perform and are most recommended exercises.


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